She Asked For It

Snuggle in with a hot cup of tea or chocolate. It is story time. 

A boy walked down the street, whistling and without a care in the world until he stumbled upon a Bagco Super Sack overflowing with crisp wads of 1000 naira notes. He did a double-take and scanned the street. It was as lonely on a cold desert night. He scratched his head, wondering what to do. In this recession, he would be a fool to walk away from such an amount. At the same time, he wondered if it could be a trap and the owner was stowed away watching who would be greedy enough to help himself to the money. 

Deciding the risk was worth it and that no one would notice if a couple bundles were missing, he stashed them into his pockets and continued on his way. 

Now, comes the question: if this boy is arraigned and charged to court, would he be guilty of stealing?  I can imagine the incredulous look on your faces as you say, “Why, of course yes!”

Well, can’t this be likened to that poor girl who walks down the street and is taken advantage of just because she was dressed ‘indecently’? 

Don’t say that that matter is different. Let’s call a spade, a spade. While, there is a place for decency in every sane society, the lack of it still does not stand as an excuse for raping a girl. Some men, and even surprisingly, women, have the audacity to claim that any girl who wears revealing clothes is asking for it. No one asks to be raped; not even prostitutes. 

In recent times, too many rape occurrences have plagued our society and everyone else acts like they are normal phenomena. Think it’s a lie? See Statistics as at 2015 

Victims of rape should be treated as such- victims, not blamed or stigmatized. More so, if a man truly wants to prove his manliness then it should not be by waylaying a poor girl- rather, that is bestiality!

                                                                                               … Angie Inspired 



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