Just Saying 

​I pondered for hours about writing this, I thought it was pointless putting my mindless rambling in to coherent words but my mind just wouldn’t shut up so I had no choice.

We’ve all been in a situation where we offend an elder, say ‘sorry’ and get the reply ‘sorry for yourself’. I always hated that answer because I always felt insulted. But today I was in a similar situation and honestly I felt sorry for myself. It wasn’t an insult anymore, it was just stating an obvious truth.

We come to school, pay really cool money and go through some CDC inspired kind of screening just to graduate. I still believe that the craziest thing I’ve ever done and will ever do for money is going to school. 

We spend hours and hours in class trying to understand so many things, half of which you have no business with. Who sets this standards? Your thoughts and ideas do not really count except you back it up with an idea or a quote of some dead men and women who have lived their lives and won’t be allowed to rest in peace.

It is bad enough to fail a course in any class but it is even bad baddo baddest to fail a course in your final year. It feels like your life has come crashing down. Your whole existence begins to dance step up 7 in your eyes. Imagine almost falling down a cliff and being pulled back by something. You feel relieved and shocked. You turn around to see your savior only to come face to face with 2 marks. Just when you think it will pull you back completely from the cliff, it smiles and shakes you a little bit. You start to see your life flash before your eyes. If you are lucky enough, after 20 to 30 more shakes and heart attacks, it gets bored and pulls you up completely. I’m happy for you. But if your village people have held a meeting because of you, that’s when it starts to get bored and feels like you are longer fun. Then it sees its best friend Mr. F dancing in a clearing and believes a reunion is in order. That’s when it finally drops you and you land with your big head. The end.

This might be considered as just mindless rambling or the words of a restless mind but that’s just your opinion. 

We’ve always been made to believe that God tests those He loves. This is very much true but sometimes some events are not testing but should be termed ‘suffering because of something or someone else’s wahala.

That been said, I pray you do not fall down because another person trips over stone.

                                                                                          … Nene Dearest