Men Suffer too!!

Yes. We are Girltalk Naija. We are all about women, giving them a voice and championing their cause but we are also about speaking the truth, as it is, no holdbacks. 
From time immemorial women have been victims. They are painted as the ones who bear the brunt all the time. Sad stories begin and end with them and they are always the recipients of pity. 

While it is true that women are generally the ‘weaker’ sex who suffer many travails, there is a resilience about them. Also, in paying so much attention to women, it seems we forget that men are just as human, capable of hurting as well. We also tend to forget that women are at times, the cause of such hurt. 

It is rather unfortunate that we live in such a repressive society. Women are discriminated against and men are told to be men when they are suffering as if being a man is all about acting like an unfeeling robot that excels only at providing for everyone else.

Dear women, men suffer too. Do not, even for a second, think you are the only one who goes through an emotional rollercoaster, being confused about what to make of the raw emotions pounding away in your heart. Men feel hurt sometimes too and you know when it is worse? When it is a woman inflicting the harm. Oh yes! They are big boys who can look after themselves but when it comes to the women they care insanely about, like mothers, sisters, wives and girlfriends they can become a messy puddle of emotions. 

More often than not, this hurt comes from the negative words these important women utter. Straight talk, ladies: what you say can pierce a man’s soul. 

 Thus, you and I must ensure that our men do not also suffer at our hands even if the world throws a curve ball at them.                                                                                                  … Angie Inspired